Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reuniting on The Killing Joke?


Since their pairing on Batman: The Animated Series, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy has been inseparable as the clown prince of crime and the caped crusader. The duo has appeared in a countless of video games and animated movies. Recently, it appeared that Hamill had finally sung his swan song with Batman: Arkham Knight, but he always maintained that he would return to the role of The Joker if they ever did an adaptation of The Killing Joke by Alan Moore.

Fast forward to today, the film is set to premier at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and it has yet to confirm who will play Batman or The Joker. Rumor has it that Mark Hamill has already recorded his audio for the film, but it just hasn’t been announced yet that he’s returning as The Joker. Kevin Conroy is also expected to return but he has so far not confirmed anything when asked about the film.

Recently, Conroy posted a picture on his twitter account of himself and Mark Hamill that has many speculating that the two are indeed back together and are working on The Killing Joke.

We won’t know for sure until it is officially confirmed by Warner Brothers.

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