Does Kryptonite exist?


With all the hype about the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, I began to think about what kind of weapons and tools might be used against Superman in his fight with Batman. The most obvious comes to mind, “Kryptonite!”

For those unfamiliar with Superman’s powers and backstory, Kryptonite is debris from his home world, Krypton (not to be confused with the Noble Gas from the Periodic Table), which became radioactive from the planet’s destruction. When Superman comes into contact with this radioactive mineral, he becomes very weak and loses his powers. Not good for Superman.


So this is a cool and strange concept in the DC Universe, but does this element exist?

Now obviously there is no planet Krypton (that we know of…), however, the chemical formula for Kryptonite has been mentioned before. Krypton is made up of Sodium Lithium Boron Silicate Hydrogen Fluorine (try saying that ten times fast).

LiNaSiB3O7F (OH)

While this chemical formula may not have been discovered yet, there has been an element discover that is very similar to its chemical formula. This mineral is called “Jadarite.”

kryptonite jadarite

The chemical formula for Jadarite is exactly the same as that of Kryptonite minus the Fluorine!

Discovered a few years ago, this mineral was found near a mine in Serbia and is the closest thing to real Kryptonite that we have today. Unlike Kryptonite which is usually portrayed as green and glowing, Jadarite is white, but glows a soft pinkish-orange when examined under Ultraviolet light.

Luckily Jadarite is harmless and will not sap away any superpowers you might possess. It could have the potential to be used for medical and chemical purposed in the future.

To learn more about Jadarite check out this great website:

What are your thoughts about this mineral? And what do you think the outcome of the battle between Batman and Superman will be? Post your comments below!

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