CES 2016: This Star Destroyer is the PC you are looking for


When looking at this awesome LED Star Destroyer, one might not think that this is actually a fully functioning PC. Well, it is exactly what it is.

Built as part of the┬áMSI PRO MOD SEASON 3 online competition,┬áSander van der Velden, founder of ModWithMe, spent months to build what would be the ultimate Star Wars collectible know as the Yazi – Venator Class Star Destroyer.

Fully 3D printed out of aluminum, Sander took it to the extreme fitting it with LED lights, making sure it was durable and would leave any rebel soldier in awe. I especially like the Darth Vader Disney Infinity figure on top.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside:


Talking to Sander, it was hard not to nerd out about the piece. I’ve seen quite a few custom mods but this one was awesome. I even asked if he ever thought about building a Millennium Falcon or a Death Star before or maybe in the future. He said it’s always possible.


You can take a closer look to how Sander was able to build this awesome piece, from start to finish at the MSI forums, along with other custom PCs built for the event.

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