Black holes may share their memories

The-spiral-galaxy-_3545014b photo by NASA ESA Hubble
Photo by NASA/ESA Hubble

Black holes are nature’s ultimate garbage disposal. They are enormous regions in space that have such a strong gravitational pull that absolutely nothing can escape from inside of it. That includes any particles, light, even last night’s leftovers it may have sucked in. That point of no return, the boundary from which no escape is possible is called the “Event Horizon.”

Recently Stephen Hawking teamed up with Theoretical Physicists Andrew Strominger and Malcolm Perry to continue research on these colossal space vacuums. Through their research, they have discovered that black holes preserve information about everything they have “digested.”

black hole 1

Imagine you were standing right outside a black hole (not possible but for the sake of learning pretend) and looking inward. The black hole serves as a tunnel, one which you would not be able to see the other side. Now pretend you threw a giant beach ball into the black hole. That point or spot of the black hole, where you can no longer see that beach ball, or anything for that matter, is the Event Horizon.

Now, black holes absorb everything around them, including light, so being able to see the Event Horizon doesn’t make much sense, seeing how there would have to be light that has not been absorbed to illuminate it. Hawkings and his colleges explain that this “light” is not actually just light, but a hologram of light. It is a projection of radiation and light from everything that has been consumed into the abyss. This projection may give insight on exactly what has been sucked into the black hole. Much like a hard drive stores information in a computer.

black hole 2

More research is needed, however, this could give us insight on some of the oldest black holes that have been discovered and what has been absorbed by them.

Personally, I think this is fascinating. We have not always had the technology to explore and view space, and these black holes have been around for an incredibly long time. That means that there have been areas of space that have been consumed by black holes that we have never viewed or explored before. There could have been stars, particles, even planets that might have existed at one point in time, but are long lost to us and might not have ever been discovered otherwise!

Whoa, I have to cool down from being too excited, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Post your own thoughts or ideas below.

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