Transformers 5 to be directed by… Michael Bay


The upcoming Transformers 5 movie will be helmed by Michael Bay. Shocking, isn’t it? The director has a tendency to say that he might not direct another Transformers film, but that would end up with him doing one anyway. Bay reveals to Rolling Stone that he’s doing Transformers 5 after all.

“I’m doing Transformers … 5, is it?”

Bay’s reason for losing track of which Transformers movie he’s doing next is that he has been working on a lot of different projects.

“J.J. [Abrams] told me, ‘You’re the only guy that could do this.’ But it’s time to move on. One more.”


Transformers 5 will have Iron Man screenwriters Art Marcum and Matt Hollway and Black Hawk Down’s Ken Nolan working on the script. Mark Wahlberg will return to star.

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