EA UFC 2 gameplay trailer reveals Sakuraba and Bas Rutten


Promotion for EA’s latest mixed martial arts fighting simulator just got as real as it gets today with the release of the first official gameplay trailer for UFC 2. Unlike most of the other EA sports game franchises, UFC games are currently set to release once every two years. After all of the hype behind the original EA UFC game, there was much left to be desired. The career mode was ridiculously shallow and repetitive, the submission system was wonky, and although fighter likeness and texture was good, something about their eyes and head proportions on title screens was just plain creepy. Positives for the original EA UFC game was the ongoing, and free online support and updates which included additional fighters and game fixing adjustments.

While the last UFC did include MMA pioneer Royce Gracie and other UFC legends like Mark Coleman and Brock Lesnar, there are so many other fabled combatants that many fight fans were left pining for.

The gameplay trailer released today revealed two very storied fighters from MMA’s history that will be included in the game (with pre-order) that we have been clamouring for in former UFC Heavyweight Champion and three time King of Pancrase Bas Rutten and ‘The Gracie Killer’ himself Kazushi Sakuraba. Both fighters were included on a list I made for Nerd Reactor last year. There was also promise of a third mystery fighter.


It’s disappointing that these are “Pre-order” incentive fighters. Though I love Bas and Sakuraba, I would be much more excited if they would just stop beating around the bush with including only four or five legends and just release a game with an entire legends or Pride FC roster. My early predictions for the mystery fighter would be maybe Ken Shamrock or Randy Couture. EA might pull something crazy like they did with Bruce Lee and add Mike Tyson, because of his good relationship with the UFC, but that might be a stretch.

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