What we really want to see at CES 2016

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With that cold week in Las Vegas (Nevada) soon approaching, we’re reminded of the amazing technology we’ve encountered over the years at the world’s most prominent convention for nerds who love gadgets. The Consumer Electronics Show of 2016 approaches in the next few days and not only will we be bringing you coverage from the epicenter of madness, but what exactly goes on after the show.

We’re also reminded of the tech we loved but never saw again, so aptly named Vaporware. While many products never really make it off the show floor, here’s some that we hope will make it to the open market this year, instead of just teasing us with promises of ice-cream drone delivery services.



The Oculus Rift was promised to us as a release of 2016 Q1 while giving no specific dates. We hope that CES will clear up some of the confusion on available platforms and formats for the Oculus as well as its many imitators. Sony’s PlayStation VR is also a huge interest for us, as many have switched over to Playstation 4 for their entertainment console of choice.

While CES may not be a convention for gamers specifically, it does host many of the industry’s major announcements and unveiling.



While seemingly the work of fiction, the truth is that many companies have been working on a version of their own hoverboard. It could be highly profitable in the consumer market. Pictured above is the Hendo hoverboard from Arx Pax, and it does work under particular circumstances.

Cheaper OLED


While the prices of 4k televisions have been dropping over the past few years, we hope to see a similar trend with OLED. It’s still affordable to some but in the mass consumer market, paying upwards of 8x the price of LED is still a significant downfall or such a superior viewing experience.

Random unnecessary “Smart” devices


Words cannot express the amount of irrelevant attempts at the next but “smart” option to problems that never really existed in the first place. Everything from diaper changers that monitor your time to clothing racks that check for color coordination. It’s the things in life that you didn’t think you wanted that you don’t really want at all. This provides the humor in CES, and we look forward to every chuckle.

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