Limited edition Star Fox statue coming to GameStop for $79.99


We’ve seen GameStop take a bigger step in the collectibles marketplace, adding items like Funko POP Vinyl figures, Nendroids, Play Arts Kai, and even smaller keychains and goods over the last year. A few months ago, GameStop revealed an exclusive The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Link Statue from Dark Horse Comics which retailed for $79.99 (which is currently on sale for $29.99). Now Star Fox’s Fox McCloud will be joining Link as a GameStop exclusive statue.

Officially there hasn’t been much in terms of collectible releases for the Star Fox series. The most noticeable releases have been the Fox McCloud World of Nintendo figure and the Fox and Falco amiibo, which have all been released in the last year. Limited to 5,000 pieces, this 8″ resin statue is a nice piece for any hardcore Star Fox fans, as it’s very well detailed and hand-painted if you don’t mind spending $79.99 for it. (I’m not a fan of the base.)

Now if Nintendo would just sell the rights to a company that can make a well-designed Arwing statue, I’d be happy.

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