Smite Down Japanese gods revealed?


Now nothing has been released officially but the guys at Smite Data mining may have uncovered the names of the first Japanese deities to be released, Raijin and Amaterasu.


Raijin is the god of lightning, thunder, and storms. This Japanese god has been in pop culture all around from anime to other video games. He would be a great fit for Smite. Now with storm powers, Raijin would seem to fit in the mage category, but I could see this weather controlling character as a support champion, using the elements to slow and stun foes on the battlefield. We already have Zeus throwing lightning, let’s mix it up a little Hi-Rez.


Amaterasu is the next rumored goddess, another sun god to join the fight. With Sol and Ra taking up the sun god spots, I really hope Hi-Rez finds a unique spin on Amaterasu. I mean there is so much lore to go on with her, that to see her with as just another fire mage would be down-right unimaginative. She’s a fan favorite already, so do her right, Hi-Rez.

None of this is confirmed, but those data mining people have a good record at uncovering the truth behind these secrets. I pretty sure all will be revealed soon. Which Japanese gods do you want to see in the next Smite update?

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