Star Wars: The Force Awakens passes the $1 billion milestone in record time

“There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?” It was also everyone boarding the hype train. Which by the way just arrived at the newest milestone of passing $1

Christopher Nolan’s new film, Dunkirk, will be set during WWII

What’s the next film for director Christopher Nolan? We’ve seen him tackle space, Gotham, Alaska, magic, and the mind. Soon moviegoers will get to explore Nolan’s take on World War

IP Man 3 teaser shows Bruce Lee in action! Wataaaaaa!!!

If you’re a fan of IP Man, be prepared for some new footage of the legendary Bruce Lee being tested by his master. We all know that IP Man was Bruce

A Trekkie’s thoughts on The Force Awakens

I’m a Trekkie. I have been my whole life (thanks, Dad!) and generally, two things are assumed about me in regards to Star Wars given the fact that I’m a

Videogame BANG! Ep. 116: Drunken Christmas Party 2015

This is the Third Annual Videogame BANG! Christmas Party, and believe me when I say, each one of these gets crazier than the last. We had a record number of

Is this the possible upcoming X-Force movie lineup?

According to, the art shown above is the lineup that will be used for the upcoming X-Force movie. I can see Feral(?), Cable, Cannonball (background), Domino, and Warpath. I’m not entirely

New ‘Hoverboard’ laws to take effect in 2016 including wearing helmet

First it was the registration of drones, then it was people falling off “Hoverboards”/Balance Wheels, and now it’s new laws and restrictions taking into effect on January 1st, 2016. That’s

Official Pokkén Tournament controller available on Amazon

While Pokkén Tournament still doesn’t have a solid release date in North America, fans looking forward to the Wii U-exclusive Pokémon Fighter can already pre-order the Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad on

Angie’s back for Agent Carter season two, but not how we’d hoped

  Warning: The following article contains minor spoilers for Agent Carter Season Two. Agent Carter may be off to Hollywood, but it unfortunately doesn’t look like her best gal pal

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was originally titled Shadow Of The Empire

Star Wars mania is still in full effect, and new details have recently come out about the film. One report, in particular, says that the film’s original title was something completely

Michael Fassbender reveals that he has not played the Assassin’s Creed games

Production is currently underway for the Assassin’s Creed movie. Recently new photos have surfaced from the set giving fans a small glimpse into the film. During a recent interview with

Hideo Kojima can never legally talk about his split from Konami

Probably one of the biggest stories of 2015 was the split between Konami and its former prodigal game developer. Much like many divorces, the split has not been the smoothest

First look at Bran Stark for Game of Thrones season 6

If you watched season 5 of Game of Thrones you probably noticed the absence of a major character. “Where the heck is Bran?” you probably shouted. Bran Stark, one of

Benedict Cumberbatch in full Doctor Strange garb!

We’ve all known that Benedict Cumberbatch was already cast as Marvel’s Dr. Stephen Strange. However, there haven’t been many photos of him as the Supreme Sorcerer as of yet. Thanks

Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Doctor and River Song are just perfect

*As the famous Dr. River Song likes to say, Spoilers* The Doctor Who Christmas Special was the perfect Christmas gift from BBC/BBC America. There were so many reminders of the

15 anime Christmas songs to add to your songlist

Christmas is here! With all the holiday celebrations, why not add some anime Christmas songs to your playlists? Here’s 12 non-traditional anime Christmas songs to consider adding to your music

Two Deadpool trailers arrive just in time for Christmas

It’s a Christmas miracle! On the 12 days of Deadpool, our belching crimson chundertub gave to us a brand new Deadpool trailer. Judging by the trailer below, it’s everything that we

Top 7 most unconventional Christmas movies

Ahhh the holidays! The time of year where we turn on the fireplace (or turn on Netflix to have the hour-long fireplace video play), pour yourself some hot cocoa, grab

Reports of man crushed to death and woman losing arm on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

What is happening on the set of the final Resident Evil movie? We have reports of a man being fatally crushed and a stuntwoman losing her arm this year. IOL,

Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake brought to life (cosplay)

There’s cosplay, and then there’s epic cosplay. Cosplayer Rick Boer’s work is definitely the latter with outfits that include the outstanding Assassin’s Creed and Big Boss. Back in late October,