Little Mac K.O.s Mike Tyson on a pink ‘hoverboard’


In what has quickly become the feel good story of 2015, a video had surfaced online of former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson riding and subsequently falling off of a “hoverboard”. Not only did Tyson only fall, he fell comically hard and directly on his back.

Apparently Mike’s supine fall wasn’t comical enough for the internet. It has already inspired dozens memes and vines, but one has stood out and collectively won the internet. Vine user Ry Ry decided to take to original video and mash it up with audio and characters from Iron Mike’s 1980s era video game classic: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

This Vine has got to be worth the Vine Hall of Fame. It’s already got over 7 million views. Mike Tyson is an enigma. Controversy has surrounded the man his entire career, from his troubled pigeon-raising childhood, his meteoric rise to the Heavyweight belt, his time spent in jail as a convicted felon, and his epic return to the spotlight. I know boxing fans would have much rather see Don King falling off of that pink “hoverboard”, but let’s face it, not many people other than Mike Tyson could have even survived a fall that hard and lived to tell the tale.

The original Fail:

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