Donkey Kong and Boswer Skylanders Superchargers combo packs now being sold


When Nintendo and Skylanders announced that Hammer Slam Bowser and Turbo Charge Donkey Kong would be released for Skylanders Superchargers, it was a nice surprise to see the two companies come together. One is already having a huge domination in the toys-to-life market and the other has been successful for Nintendo

While Hammer Slam Bowser and Turbo Charge Donkey Kong functioned for both games with an easy twist, the major problem was getting the two figures. Both were only released in the Nintendo and Nintendo Wii U bundles of Skylanders, meaning you’d have to spend around $200 just for the two figures and sit on two copies of the game and two portals. Unless you really like Skylanders, it just seems too much.

Luckily Nintendo and Activision already have a solution for those who want to add these two figures to their collection by releasing a combo pack for $24.99 each. Each combo pack contains the Skylander/amiibo figure along with the characters in-game vehicle.

CXf3l4UUwAAoE8V It also looks like the combo packs are already on the market as photos of the items have already surfaced in shops like Walmart and Toys’R’US (via the @ToysforGames twitter page).

Now let’s hope that the Dark versions of these two figures will be released as well!

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