JLab Epic Bluetooth wireless earbuds (review)


Having tested this for a couple of weeks, this has been better than my previous Bluetooth earbuds, LG HBS 750. This had the better sound and battery life, is lighter, sweat/splash proof, and reasonably priced. So if you are going for a run or just need that solitude in a packed gym, this may be something you want to look into.


One of the reasons I went with these earbuds is their design. My previous earbuds had that pliable plastic that goes on the back of your neck. At first, it was okay but as I did more variance in my workouts, it became a nuisance. So I wanted one with no plastic neck gear. This comes in 3 different colors: Black, Blue and Graphite, or Cloud White.

It consists of a lightweight cord, earbuds on each end, and controls on the right side with the charging port on the control box along with the microphone. The controls are encased in a semi-hard plastic, so it is protected from water while still being able to control the volume or change songs. The buds themselves are on the end of a flexible side of the cord. You can mold the cord to the shape of your ear so it’s more secure.

They also come with a cool carrier for your phone, but if you have a phablet or any screen size bigger than 5 inches, then it may be hard to use. It also comes with 6 gel tips so you can get the perfect fit for your ears.



After a few weeks of using my previous earbuds, the button became harder and harder to press due to the sweat and gunk that may have fallen through the openings. The JLab earbuds will have no issues regarding that since it is sweat and splash proof. (Don’t go crazy and take it swimming).

The sound is amazing. It delivers in many stages and I am amazed at how much it can block out. When at the gym, it completely blocked out most the ambient noises that can be heard. Unless the location is going full blast on music or if a person is standing in front of you, then you will barely hear anything. Your experience may differ but for me, it was a welcomed thing. I was able to enjoy my music during my workouts without having to hear the cycling songs at the gym.


There is a quirk that shows up here and there but not too often. It’s enough times that I had to say something about it. The Bluetooth connection for some reason will go in and out, causing the music to cut. I notice this happening when I go for a run and the phone is in my pocket, with the motion causing this issue. It does not happen often, but when it does, it just gets me out of the mood.

The microphone usage is not as good. Even when I’m standing still and just talking, the people on the other side complain that I sound muffled or far away. This may be due to the microphone being located almost behind the neck. And this sounds worse when running. Really the only downside I found during my review.

Another plus for this earbuds is the amazing battery life. When I got the earbuds I noticed that it had half the battery life, so I decided to test how long it would last before I had to charge it. Amazingly it lasted me a good three days on half a charge. The box says it does 10 hours of workouts between charges and I believe them. On a full charge, I was able to get a good 6 days of workout. I spent around 1 to 2 hours a day on workouts, more depending on what kind of workout.


Final Reaction

If you are looking for a pair of earbuds that can last through your workouts, then this is the earbuds for you. If you’re looking for something that you can use to talk to someone while working out, then this may not be for you. However, if you’re working out, talking should be the last thing on your mind. Go and finish that rep.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

You can buy the JLab earbuds here.

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