No ‘The Force Awakens’ content in the cards for Star Wars Battlefront


When it was announced that Star Wars Battlefront players would be receiving the free downloadable map featured on the desert planet Jakku, speculations immediately arose as to whether we would see additional content from ‘The Force Awakens’ making its way into the game. According to EA, however, that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon.

Last week, EA responded to a fan on Twitter who was wondering about any additional content from Episode VII seeping into the game stating that they are currently focussing on the original trilogy when it comes to content. It appears that although Jakku is the very same desert planet that Rey lives on in Episode VII, the map is meant to serve more as a prequel to the movie rather than content from the movie. It is no secret that the wreckage we see in the movie and the game is meant to be from one of the last major battles between the Empire and Rebels sometime after the events of The Return of the Jedi, but it looks as though we are meant to look at the wreckage in the game as more recent and play through the legendary battle.

This seems to be a huge miss on EA’s part. While the nostalgia of the Original Trilogy is fun, it seems as though the major success of Episode VII would influence the inclusion of new maps and heroes from the movie. We know for sure that we are getting additional DLC that includes 16 new maps and 4 new playing modes, so it seems EA missed a huge opportunity to make some of that content from Episode VII.

Of course this may change during the game’s next “season” or even in the next iteration of the game, but since there has yet to be an announcement about either one, it seems as though fans should not hold their breath.

What do you think about EA not including Episode VII content? Does this effect your opinion on the game as well?

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