Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Toy Story with these awesome toys!


Has it really been 20 years since we were introduced to the toys in Andy’s room? Toy Story first aired on November 22nd, 1995 and launched a small startup into what Pixar Animation is today.

To celebrate the anniversary, Disney is working with Hasbro, Mattel, and Thinkway to create some toys for the fans to play with! The Toy Story collection includes talking dolls of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie, which are very similar to the ones Andy played with. Buzz’s action figure has retractable wings and a laser light while Woody has the drawstring with more than 30 original sayings. There are also toys of Bo Peep, Rex, Zurg, Stretch, Lotso, and Big Baby.

If you’re looking for the collectibles, Disney has released different toy sets – Andy’s Room (which includes toys from the first movie) – Space wings Buzz, Waving Woody, Hamm, Rex, Slinky Dog, Bo Peep, and Etch-a-Sketch; Al’s Toy Barn – Communicator Buzz, Hat Tip Woody, Yodeling Jessie, Bullseye, Alien, Zurg, and Zurg’s robot; and, Sunnyside Daycare – Laser Buzz, Big Arm Woody, Lotso, Rex, Stretch, Barbie, and Big Baby. If you only want a set, Toy Story also released a set of two different action figures. Check them out below. My favorite? Woody and the cowboy hat-wearing shark!

These toys are the perfect gift for any Toy Story fan.

You could find these gifts at DisneyStore.com, Toys R Us, and other retailers.

Toy Story 4 is set to release on June 15th, 2018. Until then, start playing!


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