Is this the possible upcoming X-Force movie lineup?


According to, the art shown above is the lineup that will be used for the upcoming X-Force movie. I can see Feral(?), Cable, Cannonball (background), Domino, and Warpath. I’m not entirely too sure if that is Feral, but I’m saying it is since Feral in the comics also has a silver streak in her hair. This concept art is by Greg Semkow who is friends with Jeff Wadlow and is basing this off the script.

It looks like they are going with mostly the base members of the original X-Force team. Will this team possibly feature Wolverine, as well as the Merc with the Mouth? We’ll know more as time passes by and how well the Deadpool movie does. Of course, since this is just concept art, we should take it with a grain of salt. Like we’ve seen before in many other films, anything can happen between now and the movie release.


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