Hideo Kojima can never legally talk about his split from Konami


Probably one of the biggest stories of 2015 was the split between Konami and its former prodigal game developer. Much like many divorces, the split has not been the smoothest between the two parties and it would seem that Konami is the main reason for that. Despite Kojima being barred from the Video Game Awards and not even being allowed to accept an award at the annual PlayStation Awards, we still don’t know what happened that caused the fallout between the two.

In a recent interview with The New Yorker, Kojima talked about his new production company and states that he is contractually forbidden from discussing what happened between him and his former employer.

“Now that his employment contract has expired, Kojima is able to speak freely about what he describes as a “new start”—a relaunched, independent Kojima Productions. (He remains, however, contractually forbidden from talking about the prior split.)”

Kojima did talk about the benefits of now being on his own compared to what it was liked working for a big company like Konami.

“When working in big companies, especially Japanese companies, every little thing has to be approved beforehand, and you need paperwork to do anything. Now that I’m independent, I can do what I want with much more speed. I don’t need to invest time in unnecessary presentations. I shoulder the risk. When I was in a company, my personal statements could be taken as the overall direction of the company. As such, I couldn’t say just anything.”

This is probably the closest we will get to Konami talking about why he split from Konami. Some believe that there is probably a contract clause that was implemented to keep Kojima from talking if there ever was a split between him and Konami. We see this all the time with movies and actors. Years will pass until there is a leak that “so and so was once rumored to play this character, but negotiations fell through.”

Kojima revealed that he thought of taking a year off on some deserted island after the split was finalized, but a “Hollywood friend” advised against it and suggested that he should get back to doing he knows best, making video games.

“Hearing that affirmed to me that my role in this world is to keep on making big games for as long as I can. That is the mission I’ve been given in life.”

Could Hideo Kojima be talking about Silent Hills collaborator Guillermo del Toro? Regardless, Kojima has found his new lease on life and seems ready for a whole new chapter in gaming.

Source: The New Yorker

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