End of Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game in March 2016


Today marks the release of chapter 7 of Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game, to the excitement of fans worldwide. On a sadder note, that’s one step closer to the end of this manga series, as the final chapter for the manga will come out with the next Jump Next issue in March. Originally released back in December 2014, Extra Game is the sequel to the main Kuroko no Basuke manga series, taking place after the Winter Cup.


Cover for previous volume (chapter 6)

Kuroko no Basuke has become a prolific series in the short time since its debut a few years back, spawning both manga adaptations, anime TV adaptations, a giant music collection, a new film in the works, along with a stage play in April 2016.

Keep tuned for more info!

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