Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Doctor and River Song are just perfect


*As the famous Dr. River Song likes to say, Spoilers*

The Doctor Who Christmas Special was the perfect Christmas gift from BBC/BBC America. There were so many reminders of the previous Doctors and River’s past adventures and all leading up to this moment of River spending her last days with the Doctor at the Singing Towers on Derillium before her ultimate death (saving the Tenth Doctor).

Due to the Doctor only being allowed 12 regenerations, River did not expect to see her husband as the 12th Doctor (13 regenerations). So, we got to see most of the episode of the Doctor interacting with River without her acknowledging him as her husband. She has absolutely no clue, even though he straight out tells her, he’s the Doctor. She just thinks he’s a medical surgeon.

He plays along and Capaldi was brilliant. As I said previously, Capaldi’s Doctor had established himself on what kind of Doctor he is and he just proved how capable he is on this adventure. He finally had the opportunity to react to the TARDIS being bigger on the inside and it was perfect.

His reaction to her being married to multiple men was just incredibly hilarious. He’s just visibly annoyed and when she finally realizes it’s him – HER Doctor, she brings up his multiple wives.

Doctor Who’s showrunner Steven Moffat just let the hilarity out and gave us the perfect River-Doctor adventure we’ve been waiting for. This version of the Doctor just fit River Song’s lifestyle perfectly. Not to mention, she’s no longer Mrs. Robinson here.

The beginning, the middle, and the end just flowed and with River’s realization that the Doctor was right next to her the whole time – that moment – was gold. That was the best gift. It doesn’t end there. River truly believed the Doctor didn’t love her, but oh, she was wrong. Although this Doctor has rarely shown affection, we saw many barriers break and we now know River (and Clara) are his weakness… And he was hers.

We all knew it was coming… River’s final adventure in the Library and Moffat showed us he didn’t forget either.


This Christmas Special is officially my favorite. It’s the love story we’ve been waiting for a long time. Sure, Doctor Who isn’t a love story, but maybe we could let this slide for the Doctor and his River.

Happy Christmas, Whovians!

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