Tales of Berseria coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam


Tales of Berseria is the next entry into Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Tales franchise. Announced a few months back, we learned the game would feature the first female heroine in the series, Velvet, who seems to have a tragic past and a very special ability to combat evil creatures.

Recently Bandai Namco Entertainment uploaded an English-subtitled trailer for the game giving us a deeper looking into Velvet and a world cursed by a disease known as Gomabyo, which turns people into monsters. The game may have a few familiar locations from Zestiria, as it’s been confirmed that Berseria takes places in the distant future of the continent of Glenwood.

Tales of Berseria will feature an enhanced version of the Linear Motion Battle System and centers around the theme of Emotion Versus Reason, which seems to fit the look of both Velvet and the game.

Tales of Berseria will be released in Japan sometime in 2016 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. While no date has been confirmed, Berseria will also release in the West for the PlayStation 4 and Steam.

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