Chat with Sword Art Online’s Asuna with Wake Me Up Asuna app


Ever wanted Sword Art Online’s Asuna Yuuki to wake you up and help you remember any important meetings you may have scheduled? You are in luck as Sony Music Communications Inc. has recently released the Wake Me Up Asuna smartphone app.

The app features a collection of voice samples featuring Asuna’s Japanese voice actress Haruka Tomatsu, who will help you get up in the morning by acting as your alarm, relaying the local weather, reading you your daily fortune, and reminding you of any appointments or meetings you may have scheduled for the day. If you have trouble sleeping, she will even tell you a bedtime story.


Asuna will have a variety of outfits for you to select from, including her Knights of the Blood uniform, school outfit and yellow sweater with more to be released at a later time. The app was originally released back in Japan in June. The English version features translated menus, subtitles, and English-voice compatibility so Asuna can respond to English commands. The app itself is free to download but does charge for English voice recognition and English subtitles.


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