Your free Xbox Games with Gold in January


Xbox One fans have something to look forward to in the month of January. Now that Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is in full swing, next-gen Microsoft users can hopefully expect to reap the benefit of twice the free games each month in 2016. With the Microsoft Games with Gold promotion in the past, X1 users were getting the short end of the stick with often weaker games than the 360 free games. How many months in a row were Xbox One users subjected to that awful Pool game? Given that Xbox One will be huge this holiday season, and there will be thousands of gamers making the upgrade, it’s important that the Microsoft team come out strong with the free games.

If you are still rocking just the 360, you will be treated to:

DIRT: Showdown – Jan 1-15

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Jan 16-31

Those on the Xbox One will get double the love, receiving the above two games plus:

Killer Instinct Season One Ultra – Jan 1-31

Zheros – Jan 16-31

It’s worth mentioning that Killer Instinct Season One Ultra will include all of the characters from that original batch, which is a pretty awesome value. Hopefully we will see this as a trend for Xbox moving forward. Rewarding your loyal fans who were early adapters to your new console? Sounds like a foreign concept in the gaming industry these days.

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