Star Wars toys: ‘Jedi Holocron’ review

holocronUncle Milton loves their trivia and Star Wars! What about combining the two into the ultimate guessing game – Star Wars Jedi Holocron. This is basically 20 Questions, but all of the answers are Star Wars. Let’s see if the Holocron knows more than YOU.

The Holocron will have you think of a Star Wars being (character), location, or technology and it will try to guess by only using YES, NO, MAYBE, or SKIP. Please note, it will only know information from the six movies and various television series.

For those of you who do not know what a Holocron cube is, it is a Jedi (and Sith) artifact that contained ancient lessons or information in holographic form. It could only be activated by using the Force.

The Holocron lights up and is very pretty, which also works as a nightlight if you need one. To reset the cube, you just press the tiny button with a thumbtack. After you restart, it will begin to ask you what you’re seeking with yes and no questions.

I chose the easiest character – Chewbacca and it got it within Question 16. So I decided to trick it and choose a character I didn’t really care for: Padme Amidala. I don’t know much about Padme – I did watch the movies, but could care less. I did answer what I did know and skipped what I didn’t. It took 23 questions for them to figure out I wanted Padme. Of course, it asked me if I was talking about Princess Leia first.


So… how does this work? What science is used in this? In order to figure out what you’re guessing, this game uses math and computer science to figure your answer out. Using algorithms, it figures everything out just by using your answers in an equation. For example, when you enter ‘Star Wars’ into your Google browser, it uses algorithms to search for what exactly you’re looking for just by the search words. Boom. Done.

This is a great toy for the Star Wars fan who actually does know everything and could possibly outwit this holocron. Of course, the holocron learns after every use. So you’ll always have to learn to outthink it each time. Maybe think of the most obscure character in the six movies.

Retailing at $19.99, the Jedi Holocron is available at multiple retailers now.

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