Star Wars toys: ‘Jedi Force Levitator’ review


In order to be a Jedi, it takes a lot of practice to have control of the Force. Not only does it take practice, but it also takes SCIENCE. That’s where Uncle Milton’s Jedi Force Levitator comes in. Using electrostatic power to move things, the levitator is actually great for concentration and balancing ability.

In each box, there is an electromagnetic stick (two AA batteries required) that gives out static charges to the materials in the box. The materials used to fly out are made of mylar and attract a lot of static, which helps it stay in the air.

The device is similar to a Van De Graaf generator. What is that you ask? It’s a generator that can produce static electricity by having a belt move around in a circle inside a generator, collecting positive charges given off by a charged metal comb. As the belt hits the top of the metal dome, it takes electrons from the metal and creates a positive charge. For example, when a person blows up a balloon and rubs it on the top of your head, the balloon creates positive charges that cause the hair to stand up – the charges repel each other. With the Jedi Force Levitator, it’s using a positive charge of the deflector to repel it – causing it to float away from the device. Your body creates a negative charge which attracts the positively charged deflector, causing it to go towards your hand. So in order to help it float, you must balance the device and your hand between the deflector to allow it to stay afloat.


It takes a lot of skill and patience to master this, but no one said becoming a Jedi was going to be easy. It takes a lot of practice to balance it. It is pretty fun and could keep you or your child entertained for a few hours.

The fact that this toy uses science is a great reason to purchase this for your child. It’s a great learning tool for basic science – positive and negative charges and static electricity. Who knew science could be this fun? I did. I knew.

Overall, the toy can also work to bend a water stream (please be sure to put a plastic bag on it to protect the device) and to cause a dust storm with salt.


Overall, if you want a fun Star Wars toy that your child could learn more about science, this is your toy. It’s very easy to assemble and ready to go. Just insert the batteries and the fun can begin. May the Force be with you.

The Jedi Force Levitator retails for $19.99 and can be found in multiple stores including Disney Store, Toys R Us, and Amazon.

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