Video games to play in 2016


With 2015 just about over, the future holds brand new and exciting games for gamers. The stage is set for leaps and bounds to be taken from developers, and I think some may actually take a chance. These are just a few games that I’m excited for and ready to play in 2016.

Moon Hunters


Tanya Short and the people of Kitfox Games have Moon Hunters in the works, which will bring an old school look with a new type of storytelling. The game has the player take control over one of the four heroes in search to find the missing moon. Where the game gets extra interesting is that as you play alone or with three of your friends, you create a mythology of your actions. That, mixed with procedurally generated environments, looks to give the game a massive amount of replay time. Its focus on personality traits seems unique, and I would love to see this game start a trend with it. I hope it’s executed well.

We Happy Few

We Happy Few

We Happy Few is described as a social stealth game by Guillaume Provost, Creative Director at Compulsion Games. Set in an alternative 1960s England where a city of people is all high on a drug called Joy, the player must blend in to survive. The game sports a look as if Austin Powers and A Clockwork Orange had a love child with the populace of the game, giving you a paranoid feeling as they parade their static, happy faces around every corner. With a procedural world and unique take on the stealth genre, We Happy Few should get some heads turning in 2016.

Allison Road


Allison Road takes a page for the Silent Hill demo giving the player little room to go. The player has to unravel the story as an amnesiac protagonist has to find out what has happened to the family in the crazy scary home he awakes in. Nothing looks too groundbreaking with Allison Road, but being touted as the spiritual successor to PT by some, this may be our earliest chance to get a taste of what PT was going for. Allison Road may be the type of game that no one gets to finish simply because of the scare factor.

Honorable lookouts for 2016 would be Mother Russia Bleeds for a good looking beat em up, ReCore for a unique buddy adventure game, and Noct for a new way to look at the survival horror genre. This is but a small sample of the games to look out for in 2016, ones that people should take at least a second look at before thye go and buy their 200th copy of (insert yearly released game here). What game do you want to play in 2016?

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