Supergirl to fight Toyman and Bizarro this season?

supergirl bizzaro

Supergirl has been one of the surprising hits on TV this year. It seems everyone who watches it has been enjoying the positive and upbeat take on a second-rate character who’s shadowed by Superman. (This happens to be a constant theme in the show.) Supergirl has also been doing a great job with bringing in a few surprise cameos like Superman, and more recently Martian Manhunter which we discussed on the recent edition of the Supergirl Nerd Reactor podcast.

We have learned via TVLine that Toyman will be Winn’s father. (Winn is Kara’s friend and coworker at CatCo.) During Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast, producer Andrew Kreisberg stated that Winn’s incarcerated father will be played by Henry Czerny before the end of the season. I assume that he will eventually take up the mantle of his father after being the odd man out in the reoccurring love triangle.

Another thing mentioned by Kreisberg is that Bizarro will be part of the second half of season one. Some people are wondering if it will be the Bizarro that we know, which is based off Superman who was shown in one of the first few episodes, or will it be Bizarro Supergirl? They could even take a different turn and bring in the Supergirl clone, Galatea, a product of CADMUS that you might recognize from Justice League Unlimited.

No matter which version the go with, I have full trust in the DC television universe so we should all look forward to seeing what they are doing.

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