Sony confirms Hideo Kojima is working on a PlayStation 4 exclusive title


With the news out that Hideo Kojima has finally left Konami and formed his own studio, Sony didn’t wait very long to announce a new partnership with the hottest free agent in video game development. Kojima’s first game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive title.

What is it? Well we have no idea. Instead the announcement was just the perfect way to let fans know what Hideo Kojima is up to currently.


Kojima’s new studio will be known as Kojima Productions (see logo above), which is made up of Hideo Kojima himself, as well as former Konami employees.¬†After the confirmed split between Konami and Kojima, fans were left¬†wondering if he would be able to hold on to the Kojima Productions name, or if he would have to make some sort of change if Konami tried to hold the name rights to the studio.

The studio’s new logo is an interesting design, featuring a skeleton wearing a knight’s helmet. Could this possibly hint at what the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive game will be.

Congrats to Hideo Kojima, and we look forward to seeing what his next title will be.

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