PSX 2015 – Rez Infinite VR impressions


We’ve seen companies like Sony, Microsoft and Oculus invest a lot of time and money into virtual reality over the last few years, with the ‘reality’ being it will be available to everyone starting next year. Towards the end of the keynote conference at this year’s PlayStation Experience, Sony revealed a few upcoming VR titles in development for the PlayStation VR. Luckily for attendees, nearly every one of the announced games were also playable on the show floor, including Rez Infinite.

I remember playing Rez back on the PlayStation 2 over a decade ago and enjoyed the unique gameplay. It was fully immersive and fun in details, sound, and imagery. For me this makes sense for Sega to revive the series with a VR installment since now you are part of the game. It’s something I had to try, and I wasn’t disappointed.

While I’ve played the PlayStation VR a few times in previous events when it was known as the Morpheus, this was the first time I saw it working for the PlayStation 4. One thing I noticed was how easy it was to synch everything together and calibrate it, which only took less than two minutes.

After getting all set up, I jumped straight into the world of Rez Infinite. The first thing I noticed in the first few seconds was the imagery and colors. You play the game from a third-person perspective, and you are now part of the world. Rather than having to use the PS4 controller in your hand to change the camera view, all you need to do it look around using your eyes. The controller plays a nice role as you can move your character around and dodge attacks while locking onto enemies and releasing your own attacks. What makes this rail shooter so unique is not just the visuals but the balance with the music. While the PS2 version of this game did well, Rez Infinite does an amazing job of immersing you in the world by combining both visually stimulating images and colors with great music as you play.

The demo was short and only had a few stages, but it felt great. Honestly I could have kept going longer. Out of all the VR games I’ve played to this point, Rez Infinite does a great job showcasing how much fun a virtual reality game can be. It’s simple yet unique, fun and stimulating with a great soundtrack.


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