Who is Apocalypse and what kind of a threat does he pose to the X-Men?

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We all know that Fox has finally released their trailer for the new X-Men: Apocalypse, and it looks amazing. I admit that when I saw the photos of Apocalypse before the trailer’s release, I was completely underwhelmed. I will say I was one of the many people that compared those pics to Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers. Can you blame us really? That set photo looked really cheap along with that costume. Of course, now we’re eating our words since the trailer has released and has everyone hyped up.

Most comic book fans will know who Apocalypse is and the global and near cosmic threat that he holds within Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe. However, the current X-Men roster should be able to hold him back like all the others, right? Well, not really. If you don’t know the extent of Apocalypse’s powers and abilities, then prepare yourself because not only is Apocalypse the first known mutant, but he’s also immortal. In addition, he’s invulnerable to almost everything, he has the ability of manipulation and altering of his body on a molecular level; basically changing shape, size, and density, at will. He can also siphon energy and project it outwards, he can increase his strength to cosmic levels that surpass even the Incredible Hulk, he can grant himself flight, has telepathic abilities, is a super genius when it comes to chemistry, genetics, quantum mechanics, and biochemistry, and he has access to alien technology that he’s utilized to augment himself himself throughout the centuries.


Apocalypse is going to be every bit as difficult as a character to combat, much less portray on screen. Oscar Isaac has some large shoes to fill because Apocalypse isn’t one-dimensional. He is very intelligent and also very cunning, especially when he has plans in his head that he wants to set into motion. Apocalypse, or better known as En Sabah Nur, has used a combination of his powers with his silver tongue throughout the many centuries of his life to try and attain whatever he needed or wanted. Pretty much, whatever he wants to do, he’ll sure as hell do it.


The on-screen X-Men are going to get a run for their money if Apocalypse does come in at full force via powers and character straight from the comic books. However, I have a feeling that Fox probably nerfed him quite a bit since Apocalypse is near omnipotent as a singular villain. The only downfall of his character is that he is stricken with the deadly techno-virus; the same virus that ravages another time-traveling X-Man by the name of Cable. With assistance from Cable, the X-Men have worked together to fight against Apocalypse in the comics; however, we haven’t seen any pics of Cable as of yet. If he’s in this next movie, then Cable’s character has been a greatly kept secret. We won’t know until the film comes out, but here’s hoping that he’s there!

The X-Men have had many villains to deal with throughout their illustrious comic book career, and I would place Apocalypse at the top. After this movie, we don’t know what Fox will have in store for us, but let’s hope that they haven’t run out of ideas since they let out the biggest monster the X-Men will face. They could do the whole “Proteus” storyline, but it’s not going to be Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine if they do cross that path. Here’s to another great year of comic book movies! 🙂

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