The Samsung Galaxy phone I knew and loved is dead


What are you doing, Samsung? From the most recent leaks of the latest Samsung Galaxy S7, it looks like they are still committed to the unibody. For the uninitiated, this means that it’s still all about looks and less about functionality. I know that Samsung is trying hard to win over iPhone users, but really what is happening is that they are losing the enthusiast market.

Let’s do a review about why I’m still rocking the Galaxy S5:


Removable Battery

Seriously wherever I go and whatever time it is, my phone is always fresh. It’s like being able to stream as much as you want and play as many games on the go without end. Then when the message comes up that the battery is critical, I swap it out for a fresh one sitting in my wallet. I am never stuck to a wall during Comic-Con, because while I am out galavanting, I have a fresh battery in my pocket and an additional battery charging in the hotel room. That is battery independence, my friends, and until you’ve experienced never being tethered to a power outlet, then well….kiss it goodbye anyway.

Sure enough, the new “commercialized” answer is the portable charger. Third parties such as Anker and Mophie are making a killing selling these. What doesn’t win me over is that these are still large and clunky with a dangling wire. It’s portable, yes, but your phone is still tethered to a wire.

Expandable Storage

The initial leaks of the Galaxy S7 may actually hint that expandable storage is coming back, but no one is yet sure. If you haven’t noticed, the lack of expansion storage is really a ploy to sell the higher 32gb and 64gb versions of a product. Yes, it’s all business and the enthusiast market loses again. It may be a bit of an overkill, but I carry 25 GBs of music wherever I go. While Pandora usually hits the spot, it sure doesn’t help when I’m away from Verizon’s reach.


Samsung used to be all about the ruggedness of their phones and being able to withstand more abuse than the competing iPhones. Now starting with the Galaxy S6, we all now live in a fragile world where all our phones are made of glass, literally! The common folk applauded that Samsung was finally giving into crisp beauty, but there were also those that were going to miss the IP67 certification which meant dust and water resistant. Sure, no one was really going to submerge their phones, but it was great to know that we could and not have to buy another Galaxy S5.


All in all we, the enthusiast market is unhappy. Yes, we’ll always find a way to root our phones and circumvent Knox, but the hardware, well, we’re in a bit of a pickle. I know that one day, my “super perfect” phone will be outdated and will need to be replaced, but I dread the options now. The world needs a new enthusiasts’ phone, and it looks like Samsung right now isn’t going to be it.


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