Star Citizen alpha 2.0 now available

ST 2.0

The Kickstarter-funded Star Citizen is getting ever so close to becoming a real live game. It moved into version 2.0 and brought some cool features with it.


With the update, developers Cloud Imperium hit fans with “large world maps, multi-crew ships, seamless first person combat, missions and much more.” The large maps give players a lot more explore outside of the vast emptiness of space. New locations are open with new missions to run through. Having multi-crew ships is a feature I personally am the most excited for. New ships like the Constellation and Retaliator will add more room for a bigger crew, as opposed to the older ship, the Cutlass, only having the capacity to hold three. Being able to explore the galaxy and complete missions as a part of a crew is a long time dream of mine in video games. With No Man’s Sky focusing on the single player, space exploration feeling, I’m very pleased Cloud Imperium and other space sim games show the multi-crew gameplay some love.


First-person combat will give Star Citizen that good old Call of Duty feel as you take up arms with a pistol or a submachine gun and shoot random people. 2.0 brings zero gravity combat so you can shoot people while floating upside down. I’m sure players will be responsible and only take up arms against the evils of space with the 17 extra missions that version 2.0 brings. There are 20+ new random encounters just giving players more to do in an already large game.

With this update, the game is shaping up to be the space sim that fans, or at least this fan, want it to be. If hefty updates keep rolling out on the scale of 2.0, fans should look to be more than satisfied with the outcome. More info on Star Citizen 2.0 can be found here.

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