Marvel explored idea of Iron Fist being played by an Asian-American?


With Daredevil and Jessica Jones already out Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage currently in production, that just leaves Iron Fist as the last hero to get a series before all the heroes team up in The Defenders. Recently it was revealed that Scott Buck (Dexter) would be the showrunner for Iron Fist.

There has been a movement that is trying to convince Marvel TV to hire an Asian American actor for the role of Daniel Rand, who is a white character in the comics. What’s interesting about this is that Marvel has already been keen on looking for an Asian American actor. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the TV studio has “met with Asian-American actors in consideration for the lead.”

For those wanting the Marvel character to stay white, there’s good news since Marvel is “leaning toward keeping Iron Fist white.”

I’m in the same camp as the purists. Even though I’m an Asian American, I would prefer the characters to stay true to the comic origin as much as possible. If they do make him Asian-American, then I hope they deliver on giving us one hell of a story.

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: THR

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