Interested in science? We need you!

If you have yet to notice, we’ve been putting out a lot more science related articles and news. Well that’s because science is awesome, duhhhhh!

But on top of it being awesome, writing and reading about science things that’s going on not only in our world, but others, is something we should all be doing! That’s why we’re asking you readers to help us contribute to our science section.

If you’re interested in stuff like this, this, or this, then come join us here at Nerd Reactor and become one of our science writers! Help me create content using smart, nerdy stuff!

Sciencezilla //

Here’s how you can join:

Email us at [email protected] with some things about yourself. Name? Age? What type of stuff do you like in the pop culture world and science world.

Have writing experience? Send it in! Previous articles, links to anything you’ve ever had published, papers you’ve written on your own – anything! But don’t worry if you don’t have experience, there’s a place here for you too!

And my personal favorite, let us know what your favorite thing about space, science, tech, engineering, etc, is. We’re passionate about our interests here at Nerd Reactor and we want you to express your passion and love for yours as well.

Wait for a reply, have a chat, sit down with a cup of tea and we’ll go from there.

Us nerds here await your contact! Come join the dark side. (Not really, but what else did you expect me to say?)

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