5 reasons to get excited for Overwatch


Last week after several months of beta testing, Blizzard shelved the Overwatch servers for the holidays to prepare for the next phase of beta testing early next year. I was fortunate to snag myself a beta account during the last weekend stress test and have since sunk a good chuck of hours into the game. After playing for so much, I started to think about why I kept coming back to play it. Here are five reasons Overwatch is an amazing game to look forward to next year.

1. Every character is distinctly unique.

Team Fortress 2 players will certainly draw some gameplay similarities across the game’s current 16 character cast. Junkrat and Demoman, or Mercy and Medic but beyond that, Overwatch is shaping up to delivering some kick-ass characters. We got our first taste of it revealed to us last year with the delightful cinematic trailer. What’s great is that they really incorporated many of the moves they performed within the actual game such as Widowmaker’s grappling hook, Tracer’s cooldown on her phasing ability, and both Reaper and Winston’s ultimates.


2. Blizzard promises new heroes and maps will be updated for free.

For those that do not know yet, Overwatch is NOT a free-to-play game. Blizzard is planning to sell the game at a pre-order $39.99 and $59.99 for the Origins Edition which includes several skins as well as bonus content for Blizzard’s other games.. This is a steep investment for what is essentially just a multiplayer game and concerns about how much replayability is there. The good thing is Blizzard does not plan to charge for future heroes and maps. This means you just have to pay once and new characters can be usable by everyone. Whether or not they will have to be unlocked or otherwise remains to be seen.

Update: An earlier version of this article stated incorrectly the starting price for the game. Thanks for the correction!


3. The fan community has produced some incredible work!

It’s only been a year since Blizzard revealed the title, but man look at all the awesome cosplay and fanart that the communities been pumping out. And this is just the beginning.


Mercy fanart by Jane Schirmir

4. Current state of game balance is well refined and balanced

This one might be bit of a bold proclamation. How can a game that’s not out officially be balanced?! That’s blasphemy! With the ability to switch to another character in between lives, Overwatch offers a wealth of flexibility for players. Say your offensive-heavy attack team is falling to enemy fire a little too fast; swapping to a beefier tank class like Reinhardt can help to divert the opponent’s focus on you and your shield while granting your teammates an opportunity to flank the enemy from the sides. Yet, the enemy can also nullify Reinhardt’s ability to block for his teammates by switching to Roadhog. His chains grabs can disable and pull anyone towards him for a face full of shrapnel. A well-timed Mercy revival can be the deciding factor in capturing a point as is infiltrating the enemies’ back line with Reaper for that final push means each character has a crucial impact on the outcome of the game. Each character has such defined strengths and weaknesses that it makes learning them all a welcomed challenge. Nothing in the game is unbeatable (far now at least).


5. Not just for FPS players, but anyone can enjoy Overwatch too.

The biggest difference Overwatch is bringing that other shooters have yet to attempt is to bring in new people into the genre. While yes there are classes that demand pinpoint accuracy to be powerful, it eases in those with less experience with characters like Winston and Symmetra, two heroes whose primary weapon tethers damage to the nearest enemy in your sights rather than requiring tight aiming like Hanzo or Widowmaker. Whatever it may be, Blizzard is hoping to make Overwatch accessible to players of all levels regardless of their experience with First Person Shooters. I can get aboard with that.


What else do you think is a reason to get excited for this game? Perhaps there’s something you don’t like? Sound off in the comments!

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