PSX 2015: Klaus impressions


During the PlayStation Experience, I was able to chat with indie developer La Cosa about their upcoming 2D puzzle platformer, Klaus, as well as get some hands-on time with the game. Klaus puts you in control of what looks to be your everyday office worker who wakes up in the bottom of a basement. For some reason he has no memories of who he is or what happened to him, with the only thing for him to go buy is the name “Klaus” on his arm.

Klaus begins exploring the factory-like setting and finds himself having to solve a few puzzles to get to the next area. As the game progresses you meet with K1, a large powerful brute who suspiciously looks a lot like Klaus, but while Klaus can only jump and move around, K1 can break through objects with a powerful punch or ground slam. Solving a few puzzles will involve bouncing, jumping, and climbing. My favorite by far is the control scheme for certain platforms which requires you to make use of the PlayStation 4’s touchpad.

The puzzles in the game get to be pretty challenging in later stages, with some requiring plenty of patience and learning to control platforms quickly. Overall the game is very fun and rewarding when you finally reach the end of each stage. There are checkpoints in each area so you won’t have to worry about failing too much since a lot of these puzzles focus on trial and error.

Victor Velasco, CEO and Creative director for Klaus, talked about the influences he had when working on this title and how he got involved in game development. Influences include Super Meat Boy, Mega Man, Fez and a few others. You can notice all the homages to these in Klaus.

Klaus really has a few ways to enjoy the game. It’s simple in story and game mechanics, but it’s very complex, keeping you thinking to proceed safely while still taking its time to introduce the characters. You can’t just simply dash through the game if you want the true ending. There are quite a few hidden locations throughout the game, each with their own puzzle to solve and survive. Missing one means you miss out on the truth. For people who like a challenge, there is a speed run mode where players can compete to beat the game and its stages as fast as possible.

Klaus releases next year on the PlayStation 4, and I liked everything I got from the experience. If you like challenging yourself and puzzle platformers like Super Meat Boy, you will feel right at home with this game.

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