Boom! Comics’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers character design revealed

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Thanks to Comic Alliance, we now have our first look at Kimberly, Trini, Jason, Zack, Tommy and Billy in their normal outfits from the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series from Boom! Comics. Bringing the series to a new generation, the rangers have adopted a much more stylish look and color that don’t scream the ’90s. Billy gets a whole new look, ditching the overalls and wired glasses for a more trendy and buff look with a tie and blue cardigan.



I rather enjoy the new look for each ranger. While Billy gets a whole new makeover, probably after spending a lot of time at the gym, all the other rangers look pretty natural in their regular clothes. Hendry Prasetya did a great job of transitioning the characters from the TV series to the comic series, capturing the likenesses of each member including Trini (Thuy Trang).

The MMPR comic series launches in March 2016, with a “Green Ranger: Year One” story arc in issue #1 which will feature eight variant covers, along with a one-shot prelude comic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 coming on January 13th.

How do you feel about the character designs for all six rangers?

Source: Comics Alliance

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