Nerd Reactor’s Top 10 Tech of 2015

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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”
– Albert Einstein

The role of bystander, reviewer, and user has been an interesting one for 2015. As we further conceive technology to simplify our daily lives, a higher standard of quality both aesthetic and technological has entitled consumers. Expectations must be filled or hell will be raised. Our list of top 10 tech for 2015 includes something for every facet of life that we can stick a chip in. While most of these goodies come with a hefty price tag, at least quality has never been compromised in their base foundation.

Best Smartphone: Samsung S6

Aside from Samsung’s questionable decision in disregarding expandable storage, this 2015 flagship is unsurprisingly an amazing mobile device. Combine the power of a proprietary processor with some amazing cameras and you’ll have a winner yet again. Keep it up, Samsung, although the storage issue really hits home if you don’t want to use a cloud based option.

Best Tablet: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Surface has quickly climbed into our top spot with its i7 processor and amazing pixel-sense 12.3in display. This tablet even comes with a configuration including a Nvidia 970m, allowing it to become a media powerhouse. This iteration has honestly made me reconsider a prior stance on the merge between tablets and laptops.

Best TV: Sony KD-75X9405C

The absolute best Sony has to offer in terms of picture quality at an affordable price for 4k resolution. While not the biggest fans of Android-based smart nonsense, the KD-75X is not only ideal for gaming but provides 4k HD to the masses through sales and recent price drops with this model. A great buy for anyone looking into replacing their main gaming displays.

Best Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteous Core

Logitech’s recent addition to its already dominant collection dubbed the G series is the G502. The G502 is a mouse that not only looks amazing but outperforms all competitors in both price and performance polls. Keep an eye on this one for the holidays, as sales may land you the best $40 mouse you’ll ever buy.

Best Gadget: The Swagway X1

Walking, a thing of the past. The Swagwas X1 is that thing with the two wheels that you’ll see teens and adults such as myself riding around town on. This isn’t a healthy alternative to walking in any way, shape, or form, but is definitely fun. A great alternative to the Segway, and doesn’t look nearly as dorky.

Best Laptop: ASUS UX305: Notebook

The sheer aesthetic appeal of the UX305 was enough to grab it an honorable mention, but this model has quickly climbed into our favorites. Powered by 6th gen Intel processors, it’s a beast of an Ultrabook. Equipped with a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, Intel HD Graphics and Bang & Olufsen audio, this thin and lightweight laptop was made to entertain

Best GPU: GeForce GTX 980 Ti

While nerds drool over the Titan X, collecting quarters through dirty deeds and dangerous deals, NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 980 Ti is the far more palatable option for most hardcore enthusiasts, due to its lower $649 starting price point. An amazing GPU all around, the GTX 980 Ti is undoubtedly king in the GPU category.

Best CPU: I7-6700K

This won’t come as too much of a surprise as Intel’s latest 6th gen processors are simply divine. The 6700K Skylake is not only affordable at under $400, but will easily last many enthusiasts throughout the next couple years.

Best Headset: Astro A50 2015

The A50s dominance in wireless gaming headsets has been quite significant in driving its competition such as the Steelseries H Wireless to new heights. This lovechild between a PC headset and audiophile quality sound still costs an arm and a leg at $300 but has seen some sales in the past. A solid option for those seeking wireless freedom and willing to make a worthwhile investment.

Best of 2015

Dell XPS 13

While I never thought that an award would go to one of Dell’s XPS products with my prior experiences pertaining to the M1730, the XPS 13 is absolutely stunning.

The 13.3-inch display has a nearly borderless edge-to-edge design, available in two versions, a 3,200×1,800-pixel touch panel and a 1,920×1,080-pixel non-touch version. With the recent upgrade to Intel’s 6th gen processors, this powerhouse is capable of light gaming and media content creation while keeping its professional aesthetic. Although this laptop does have some battery issues, it’s what we’ve seen with most iterations of powerful notebooks.

With wonderful customer reviews all around and a great experience from myself, the XPS 13 has secured its spot this year as our Best of 2015. Congratulations, Dell, you’ve piqued my interest and almost made me forget about the portable foot heater I was forced to lug around for a few years.

We hope to see this line continued into the next year with some powerful GPU configurations.

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