Supergirl NR Podcast – S01E07 ‘Human for a Day’ review


Welcome back for an all-new podcast and a new episode of Supergirl. On today’s episode, Mike, John and Robert recap the latest episode titled, “Human for a Day.” After her fight with the Red Tornado, Kara notices that her powers have disappeared and it couldn’t come at a better time. Kara and her sister also begin to uncover the mystery surrounding Hank Henshaw and reveal his big secret. Who exactly is Hank Henshaw? What does his reveal mean for the show? Will Tom Welling return to the show? All this and more will be discussed on today’s show.

Episode 7: Human for a day

Official Episode Synopsis: Kara and her friends must rely on their inner strength and courage when an earthquake strikes National City. Also, Alex’s mistrust of Hank reaches a breaking point when the earthquake traps them in the DEO with Jemm, a powerful alien escapee.

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