Hump Day comes early for Apple

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Let’s face it, iPhones are not known for their fantastic battery life. In fact, they are notorious for their horrible battery life. Sure, each iteration brings a little more battery life to the phone, but for social media and¬†mobile game junkies, the mid-day charge is inevitable. To remedy this, Apple has released their own charging case for the iPhone 6/6s. Smart move since owners tend to by these from other manufactures anyway, but where was Jonny Ive when the design was approved?

When it comes to the functionality of the case, there is no surprise that Apple met expectations. The case is made from silicone, so it fits nicely in your hands. When on your phone, the battery status is displayed on your lock screen for both the phone and case itself, so you always know how much juice you have left. The lighting port on the bottom of the phone is fully functional and will work any of the lighting port accessories as well as the Apple charging dock. You can even charge both the phone and the case at the same time.

Where Apple seemed to have missed the mark though, is the design of the case. You can’t miss the giant hump on the back where the case battery lives. Apple strives to make their products sleek looking with clean lines, so what the heck happened here? It would have been better if they just made the whole case thicker and kept the sleek, albeit thicker, design. Instead, they made the silicone case fit to form on the top, bottom, and sides, but left the bulge of the battery. Another short coming of the case is the headphone port. The Apple earbuds will work because it is a straight shaped plug. However, owners with headphones that have an L shaped plug will have to purchase an extender in order to use their headphones. This includes Beats by Dre owners, which is ironic since Apple owns Beats. You would think that when they designed this accessory, Apple would have taken into consideration the use with their own products.

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The case comes in white and charcoal grey for $99. Meanwhile, you can pick up a sleeker looking Mophie battery case for the iPhone 6/6s starting at $60. Sure, all the same features may not be there, but I would give those up to avoid the awkward hump on the back.

Before the comments happen, let me be clear that I’m not an Apple hater by any means. I own an iPhone along with many other Apple products, so that has nothing to do with it. In fact as an Apple user, I feel more upset than some might because I know what they can do. It feels like when they designed this product, it was given to an intern while Ive was out sick.

What do you think about the Apple Battery Case? Will you be purchasing it? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.

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