PSX 2015: Final Fantasy VII port and Guns Up now available for PS4 and Vita

Playstation Experience

The Playstation Experience held this past weekend gave us more than a few things to get excited about: FFVII Remake game footage, SFV new character, and more. A few games released during the Experience, with one of those being a PC port of Final Fantasy VII. It is now available for download on your PS4 and Vita. Another game that was made available during the show was Guns Up, with a free add-on for PS+ members.

I’m very excited about these two games. Final Fantasy VII because that was my first introduction to RPG gaming, and Guns Up because I like castle defense-type games. Having played Guns Up yesterday, it’s really fun and a good time waster too. The game is very similar to Clash of Clans, but I don’t suck as bad here as I do in Clash.

Check out the trailer for Guns Up.

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