Opinion: Do we need VR?


The idea for virtual reality has been around for quite some time in the video game world. Sony, in their latest presentation, showed off what their future for VR is going to look like. This lead me to ask, do we really need VR right now?


In movies and television, virtual reality has been introduced to the masses as the most immersive way to be put into a video game – other than the holodeck in Star Trek. So as a video game culture, people have been waiting for that moment to get that same experience promised in the media. Year after year, game developers introduce us to a new video game that gets us more and more immersed in brand new worlds without a VR helmet and for good reason too. The VR tech isn’t perfect yet and it’s doubtful that the ultimate level of immersion will be reached beyond a gimmick feeling any time soon.


Now, this is not to say that I don’t think virtual reality is a bad idea. I just think we are way too early for it. With peripherals like Kinect and the PlayStation Move, we’re making small steps towards that holodeck dream that gamers want. I feel that video games shouldn’t be the thing to experiment with first, especially not triple titles looking for a rebirth. Psychoauts, Rez, and Ace Combat were some of the games that Sony paraded around trying to make a case for the VR. Two out of those three will have actual traditional games made, but leading with the VR just seemed forced. Those titles on their own don’t need a gimmick to sell and I don’t feel like they would make a strong enough case to prove that VR is the future of gaming.

Sony showed off a ton of games that seem to have potential, but none of them looked like nothing more than just tech demos, which we’ve seen already. To make a full-fledged game, a good 15-hour game, where the player would actually have to sit with the VR on their head the whole time, that’s a¬†different story. How long would it take for the gimmick to wear off? How intuitive would the controls be? How expensive would the game be to make? These are just some of the questions that should have a definite answer before we go full fledged in this next generation with VR.

I, for one, can’t wait till the day when everything works at least 89% right with VR. I think for now, Sony should pump the brakes a little on the VR drive and focus more on traditional immersion in video games. They should master what they do right, then expand. What do you think?

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