For the Love of Mugs: Top 10 Geeky Mugs perfect for the holidays


It’s the holidays! It’s time for hot chocolate by the fireplace… or if you’re like me, you just drink a lot of coffee every single day of your life. Mugs are useful in holding your daily hot or cold beverage, soup, food, and even used as a pen holder. Your mug represents you and your fandom. Check out these mugs (and potential gifts) to give to yourself or the ones you love!

1 – Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug

There are a ton of Star Wars mugs on the market, but not one where you can “use the force” to stir your coffee or hot chocolate! Imagine pouring all your creamers and sugar and telling your colleague you’re going to use the force to mix it. BOOM! Mixed.


Buy it here.


2 – The Doctor Who Hidden TARDIS mug

I probably own three different Doctor Who mugs, but this one takes the cake. At the bottom of this TARDIS, you’ll find your own TARDIS. Why do I like this so much? It makes me finish my drink so I could see the TARDIS! It’s a nice quirk!

doctor who mug

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3 – The Thinker Mug

Coffee provides me the ability to stay away for long hours of work and the ability to be nice to people. I could relate to this mug because coffee first… then I can begin to think. The great thing about Rodin’s The Thinker mug is it initially has a bunch of random thoughts written, but when hot water is poured into the cup, the heat activation tool changes the thoughts to just say COFFEE. Exactly what I need before I can go back to thinking.

the thinker

Buy it here.


4 – The RoboCup

Yes! The best play on words for a mug! Also, you could do this with the mug! I don’t even need to explain why this is awesome. The name says it itself.


Buy it here.


5 – The ‘Game Over’ mug

This may be the best gamer mug I’ve found that fits perfectly in a gamer’s hands. After you finish your drink, it’s GAME OVER! What?!


Buy it here.


6 – Harry Potter’s Cauldron

I’ve admitted before that I am a proud Hufflepuff. So, of course, I own the Hufflepuff coffee mug. But, this is for the overall Harry Potter fan. This magical mug is also a magical cauldron! Imagine all the fake spells you can do when you add your creamers and sugar!

Buy it here.


7 –  Game of Thrones – House Mugs/Steins

There really aren’t any interesting mugs sold by HBO for their most popular television show Game of Thrones, but I love the internet. Etsy’s Jade Flower Ceramics sells a variety of handmade and handpainted Houses mugs/steins (and other beautiful geeky ceramics). She has currently made mugs for House of  Targaryen, Black and White, Lannister, and Greyjoy. I’m just waiting for Stark and Tyrell!


Buy them here.


8 – Build your own LEGO mug!

ThinkGeek is known for their genius geek items, including this Lego mug where you can use the following items to build on your mug: LEGO, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, and K’NEX Bricks. The mug doesn’t come with any bricks in the kit, you will need to buy some. But, that’s what makes it so awesome. LEGO owns a bunch of geeky licenses including Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, and many more. Build your mug however you want it!


Buy it here.


9 – Hulk Hands mug

I’ve seen a bunch of Superhero faces mugs. That’s great. Drink straight out of the character’s head. No. I’m good. Instead, why not drink out of the Hulk’s hand? You could even have it look like your hand by covering your own hand with your sweater. BOOM! You have Hulk’s hand!


Buy it here.


10. Company brand mugs

Sometimes, I like to have a simple mug that is subtle on the geekery. Company-branded mugs are everywhere! It just looks like you work there too!


Cyberdyne mug here. Oscorp mug here. STAR Labs here. Stark Industries here. Umbrella Corporation here. Wayne Enterprises here.


There you have it! Some awesome and geeky mugs! What do you drink out of?

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