Doctor Who’s Holiday collection is coming to a Hot Topic near you TODAY

doctor who

Known for their high fashion geek collection, Hot Topic has introduced a limited edition collection inspired by the hit British television series Doctor Who. And, Hot Topic did not disappoint.

These designs are out of this world, working in real life and in cosplay. Inspired by the Doctors (including the Fourth Doctor) and the TARDIS, these designs are well crafted and just look stunning. There is even a dress dedicated to saddest moment on Doctor Who – the regeneration of 10 to 11.


The TARDIS lined coat looks ordinary on the outside until you see it’s bigger on the inside with the Van Gogh-inspired Exploding TARDIS print. The Gallifreyan detail on the collar makes the design stand out. The coat also gives a nudge to the TARDIS with a button tab at the back waist that says “Public Call” in gold embroidery.

You can find the nine-piece collection here or in stores at select Hot Topic stores starting today.

I know what is on my Holiday wish list.

Check out the images and video below:

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