Cosplay: Wizard World Reno Edition


Nerd Reactor had the opportunity to hang out at Wizard World Reno at the Reno-Sparks Convention center recently. Wizard World takes that amazing large scale con experience from San Diego, breaks it down and brings it across the country to cities that would otherwise never likely see a show this big. Some people go to these shows to meet celebrities, others go for the panels, but many of us love to go to Wizard World for the awesome cosplay.

While admittedly there wasn’t as big of a cosplay presence in Reno as we saw in other cities, there were still quite a few winners. Unfortunately, we didn’t get pictures of all of the amazing cosplay. This is a gallery of very spirited geeks, all of which with great attitudes and a love for the craft. Whether store bought or painstakingly hand made, it’s important to remember that we call it Cos-PLAY for a reason! So please enjoy our gallery of favorite shots taken at Wizard World Reno!

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