Manhattan 2×08 ‘Human Error’ recap/review



Charlie’s dad has been released from prison and comes close to the Hill to find him. Charlie gets the message that his dad is looking for him and sends his father off to go away. Abby hears about this and after convincing Darrow to let her go, she brings Joey to meet Charlie’s father, Eli. After talking to him a bit more, Abby realizes his father just wants money and bribes him to go away. Eli begins to tell Abby about Charlie being a liar and not to trust him.

Charlie tested the bomb at the site, but it failed. Darrow reinstates Frank as a scientist with permission to see his wife if Frank is able to fix the bomb. Annoyed, Charlie and Frank work together to solve the problem. Frank solves it but wants to use it as a way to get a scientist on the target committee. Charlie confesses he is already on the committee. Frank tells him he won’t tell Charlie the solution unless he convinces the committee to use the bomb on an inhabited island. He then tells him the solution. We later learned Frank and Lazar sabotaged the initial bomb.

Fritz is heartbroken at the loss of Jeannie. He thinks she got into an accident in the construction site. He begins to become numb and negative. Working with Liza on her project, Fritz volunteers to be her test subject since he has nothing else to live for. He also shaves his mustache, which is something Jeannie wanted him to do.

Meeks is feeling guilty about Jeannie’s death. He talks to Nora about it and later finds out the little boy didn’t see Meeks. It was the other spy on the base, meaning Jeannie’s death could have been avoided.

Crosley and Hoggard are planning to leave back to the UK since Hitler is dead and Europe is free. Hoggard plans to bring all the confidential documents and tells Crosley he could see his boy. They are stopped by Darrow’s men and locked up. Hoggard is forced to confess, especially since Crosley has been playing him all along. Crosley found out the child in the photo was not his son, because it had a different date on the back of the photo. He knew Hoggard was lying and worked with Darrow the entire time.

Meanwhile, Helen and Stan seem to be working out. Stan could not report Helen’s work so she could sell it after the war.


The writing for this show is just brilliant. Every little detail connects with each other, and in the end, when it all came together, it just made sense. Of course, the show is nothing without its players, with the strongest character being Frank Winter. John Benjamin Hickey deserves a nomination for his role as Frank. Although Frank could be a bit of an ass, his determination and drive still make him one of the most loved characters. Hickey is able to turn the writing into an art – when he’s angry, we’re angry; when he’s upset, we’re upset; etc. It’s Frank versus Charlie and we’re rooting for Frank.

It is almost time to use the bomb. With Hitler’s death on the show, it is only a matter of time before the US uses their atomic bombs on Japan, especially since they have Frank Winter working on it now. Oh, that Frank. I knew he must had been up to something and sabotaging the initial experiment was good. It was very unexpected, but he needed to do it. We were shown Frank’s military past last season and his radiation attempt because the show wanted us to see that Frank was a survivor. He’s willing to go through many lengths to get the job done.

As for the introduction to Charlie’s father Eli, I could see why adding him would cause some drama into the family. Abby is already questioning Charlie and with his father telling her not to trust him, this could further damage their relationship. Plus, we could also see the damage that Eli has done on Charlie and figure out why Charlie is the way he is.

The situation with Fritz, Meeks, and Jeannie is extremely sad, but also needed to show the severity of the Soviet spies on the Hill. Like I said in last week’s recap, this death was the saddest of them all. Jeannie’s death created a ripple effect. Once positive and optimistic, Fritz became numb and just didn’t care anymore – which is what made him the perfect subject for Liza’s radiation study. I just really hope Liza doesn’t follow through with it.

Now with Meeks discovering the truth about the other spy from Nora, will we see he try to redeem himself? Maybe this will affect him when we flash-forward to the future and he closes himself with the bomb. We know Fritz and Meeks are still friends during that time because they are working together on the project. So, maybe that’s the reason why he volunteered.

Crosley finally grew a pair and took control of his life. What a smart man for working with Darrow, who seems to know everything, to put away the man who tricked you about your “son”. This whole storyline was just genius.  I am hoping for more from Crosley

With only two episodes left, who knows what to expect? Will the show be launching the bombs this season? What did you think of the episode?

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