Neil deGrasse Tyson adds fuel to the Star Trek/Star Wars Debate

Leave it to Neil deGrasse Tyson to fan the flames of nerd rage by weighing in on one of the timeless questions of our time:  Millennium Falcon or Starship Enterprise?  Thank goodness, deGrasse Tyson goes with the right answer (well, “right” according to this Trekker) of the Starship Enterprise.

Not surprisingly for an astrophysicist, his rationale for his choice is that the Starship Enterprise is a “real” ship run by scientists and engineers that needs to constantly be monitored, maintained, and updated.  As opposed to the Millennium Falcon, which, apparently can be completely run by a bounty hunter and a Wookie. Given that, it’s hard to disagree with his argument that the Enterprise is “fake-real” as opposed to the Falcon being “fake-fake”.

All fair points, good sir. But let me ask you this, can the Starship Enterprise make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?  That’s what I thought.


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