The Green Lantern Corps movie to be a buddy cop film?

green lantern

According to a recent report by Joblo, The Green Lantern Corps film will be a buddy cop style film similar to the Lethal Weapon movies. It is expected to focus on John Stewart and Hal Jordan as the two Green Lanterns, the two most popular renditions of the Green Lanterns.

Could this possibly mean both of them would be in a future Justice League movie, or would one die to be the only Green Lantern? Many of the buddy cops films have comedy as an essential ingredient, so this means that Tyrese could still be up for the role. Look back to other buddy cop films and TV shows like Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour and Starsky & Hutch. They were all successful because the comedy was partnered with action. Based on the roles Tyrese has had in Transformers and in the Fast and the Furious films, he would easily be able to be partner up with someone and provide the much-needed comedy element to make this film successful.

Now how about Hal Jordan? We know Ryan Reynolds is out and Chris Pine has signed on to be in Wonder Woman, so who else could be Hal Jordan? Would they go older, or possibly a similar age to Tyrese since Green Lantern was usually a 30-something-year-old character in the comics and on TV. Maybe someone like Jake Gyllenhaal as he provided quite a bit of comedy in the action-drama End of Watch which was about 2 cops who were friends, but with comedy taking a back seat to the drama and action in the film. I guess we will have to wait and see what’s in store for the two legendary Green Lanterns.

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