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Cheero has always been known for innovative and unique phone accessories. From phone chargers to phone cables, Cheero offers a different touch when it comes to its products. With so many brands of USB cables to choose from, Cheero aims to stand from the rest while offering a great product that shows off their brand and design style. With me are several USB cables that they offer that provides Micro USB and Lightning Connector (Apple) support.

Cheero Plate Cable


The first one is the Plate Cable, which is offered in the Micro USB and Lightning Connector. It’s a small and simple design that’s built for convenience and mobility and proves itself with a no tangle feel. The constructed hole allows for it to be clipped to everyday items like belt clips and hand bags, so you never leave home without it. The Micro USB will fit any product that supports it like phones and tablets with rapid charge capabilities. And like any USB cable, it supports data transfer as well. The Lightning Connector version is Apple MFi Certified which allows it to sync your phone to iTunes and is a high quality product that meets Apples standards. Besides the cable being a bit short, the real selling point is the nifty design coupled with a low price while being tangle free and easy to use. Keep this on your key chain and you’ll never be without a cable to charge your phone or tablet.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms
NR 4 Atoms - B

2 in 1 USB Cable – Micro USB and Lighting Connector


If you’ve ever had that thought of having only one cable for all your electronics, then Cheero has your answer. The 2-in-1 USB cable offers the best of both worlds: Micro USB and Lightning Connector in one simple setting. It looks and acts like an ordinary USB cable but has an attached adapter to support Apple products with the Lightning Connector. This prevents the adapter from being lost and provides an easy switch between the two. The cable also supports data transferring in both modes as well as rapid charging. What really adds value to this is not only the design but also the Apple MFi Certification again providing a high quality product that supports Apple products. The cable itself feels sturdy and is just the right length. If you’re looking to cut back on multiple cables, the Cheero 2 in 1 is hands down your best choice.

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

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