Historical black and white photos ressurected with color

As a nerd, you have to appreciate the value of history and how it’s affected our world. I know that I’m not the only one that’s a huge fan of Japanese history and its Samurai. The Samurai were a huge part of shaping Japan’s past and I don’t believe there is anyone left alive that actually interacted with a Samurai. The cool thing about photography is that we can capture moments in time that have long since passed so that we can admire it. If you follow Colorized History on Twitter, they post awesome black and white photos from the past that have been colored in by Dynamichrome.

For instance, take a good look at this tweet they posted. It’s of a Samurai decked out in armor that was taken back in 1881. The original photo was black and white, but now that color has been re-introduced to the picture, it somehow brings it back to life.

Here’s another photo of Samurai practicing Kyudo, or Japanese Archery, back in 1860. You can see how the colored in photo adds vibrancy and a sense of time being captured at the moment. It’s pretty cool.

The photos that they color in are not just limited to Japanese Samurai, but also different moments in time. Even the History Channel retweeted the retouched photo from the Civil War. This was one of the most bloodiest battles on American soil, so don’t let the colored in photo fool you. Most likely moments after the photo, a lot of these soldiers probably died horrible deaths.




Union Capt. Cunningham, 1863

It’s pretty interesting looking at these recolored photos because it shows you how much our world has changed since the photos were first taken. If you want to see more, I linked the sources below! Check them out! 🙂

Source: Colorized History, Dynamichrome, Photo ChopShop (Facebook)

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