Import site, Play-Asia, has journalists upset over Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 tweet

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It was revealed last week that Koei Tecmo would not be releasing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in North America and Europe. This had many fans upset since the company had given in to critics against the objectification of women. Thanks to import sites like Play-Asia, gamers still had a chance to get the game from Japan. (The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita are able to play the PS4/PS Vita discs from any region.) The import site also took it to Twitter to show its dissatisfaction with the critics.

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Since they used the #SJW hashtag (social justice warrior), this got the critics very upset, with some saying they won’t support the import shopping site. Check out some of the tweets from former and current journalists.

Former IGN writer Carolyn McDowell’s tweet has been removed. This is likely due to the backlash from supporters. However, this is what it said.

I know many people with industry connections to @playasia who will be re-assessing and examining their contracts/agreements shortly.

— Carolyn Velociraptor (@Arumi_kai) November 25, 2015

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Kevin Vonord, former GameSpot writer:

Dancer Vesperman, novelist and indie interactive writer:

Nathan Cocks, former PC PowerPlay magazine writer:

Luke Plunkett, Kotaku writer:

Here’s a humorous response to Plunkett’s tweet:

If you’re looking to buy the Dead or Alive Xtreme game, you can pre-order here.

Do you think Play-Asia made a mistake for calling critics “social justice warriors”? Or are you happy that it’s supporting a game featuring the ladies of Dead or Alive in bikini?

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